Exciting Patient Comfort Features of our New Office (Spring 2011)

We are gearing up for our big office move in Spring 2011 to a new facility, equipped with many different comfort features for you, our patients. For example:

-Our operatory chair will have a flat panel TV, allowing patients to watch TV or listen to music during their treatment.

-Digital X-Rays, providing greater convenience for you. Digital technologies take less time, and need less radiation than traditional radio graphs.

-Our new dental chairs are ergonomically designed with the patient in mind.

-Finally, our new office will have the calm, soothing environment you’ve come to expect from Trade Winds Dental.

We are excited about the new features we are integrating into our practice in 2011, feel free to ask us about them on your next visit!

What can Invisalign® do for my oral health?

When considering treatment options, patients often ask us how Invisalign treatment is so different than traditional braces. Well, there are more reasons to smile about Invisalign than you may know. Invisalign is a series of removable aligners that are nearly invisible, and besides straightening your teeth, can improve your oral health. Here’s how:

Healthy gums: Straight teeth allow a close fit for gums. This lessens the gum stress that is caused by crowded or widely spaced teeth, thus also reducing red and swollen gums.

Easy cleaning: Invisalign is removable, therefore brushing and flossing is easier and you are able to maintain a healthy mouth. These habits are vital to avoiding tooth decay, plaque and even gum disease.

Improved speech and chewing: Properly-aligned teeth don’t have the discomfort or compound speech impediments that can be caused by crowded teeth or a deteriorating jawbone.

If you have any questions about Invisalign, just ask Dr. Hennington the next time you’re in for an appointment. Or, you may post your question on our Facebook page! You can also read this article for more information on Invisalign and your oral health.

Celebrating the National Dental Hygiene Month

In celebration of the National Dental Hygiene Month, we wanted to take some time to highlight Laura Ruiz, RDH at Trade Winds Dental. While she currently works as a hygienist at our office, she has had roles in dental assisting, front office, office management and more. Take a look at what she had to say about what she loves about working in the field of dentistry.

Having been in the dental field for nearly 30 years, I have had the opportunity to witness the many changes and possibilities dentistry has to offer. 30 years ago, research in dentistry was so limited that tooth loss it seemed was more luck of the draw, than how well a patient cared for their teeth.

I realized early in my career, that I could be known as the tooth cleaner, or I could be the bridge between what the world of dentistry had to offer for each individual patient and helping them obtain it. I believe that every patient deserves the opportunity to choose anything dentistry has to offer and to know how those choices affect their long- term dental goals.

I feel privileged to work in an office that embraces new techniques and allows me to modify treatment –procedures based on the patients need, likes, and dislikes.

As a hygienist, I hope that I meet all of your expectations and look forward to our visit.

Regular Checkups are Important!

Are you brushing your teeth twice a day? If yes, that’s great; but, don’t forget that it’s also important to visit the dentist every six months in addition to brushing your teeth a couple times a day and flossing. Regular dental checkups are important for maintaining good oral health. Dr. Hennington can check for problems that may arise are identified in early stages, allowing them to be addressed quickly to save patients time, money, and potential discomfort. This also significantly increases your chances for keeping your teeth for the rest of your life!

During an oral exam we will check the health of your mouth, teeth, gums, cheeks and tongue. Checkups will also include a thorough teeth cleaning and polishing. The health of the mouth is directly related to overall physical health, and regular visits are most important factor in maintaining oral health.

If you have not been to the dentist in the last six months, it’s time for you to schedule an appointment!

A Few New Testimonials for Dr. Hennington & Team

We have been receving some great feedback from patients lately, and wanted to share a few testimonials with you this week.

Dear Dr. Hennington and Staff,

You have provided my dental care for the past eight years. During that period, you have always treated me with courtesy and respect and have consistently provided my dental care in a highly competent and professional manner.

In addition to being my dental professionals, I also consider you as my friends.

I highly recommend you to anyone in need of dental care.

Edward L.

Thank You! For your wonderful gentle approach. I needed work that was a couple of hours long and Anne & Dr. David really helped me to feel comfortable the entire time. They make a great team!
Rebecca Warner-Hindman

“Gentleness” (a noun) is the one word I associate with Dr. Hennington. For the past thirteen years I have been a patient of David R. Hennington, D. D. S. for my dental work. Besides doing excellent work on my teeth, he is the most ‘gentle’ dentist I have ever had.
Marjorie M.

I have been visiting Dr. Hennington and his staff at Trade Winds Dental since my relocation to Sun City Texas in 2000. My relationship with Trade Winds has been positive in every sense of the word as it may apply to dental care. The skill, caring and style of Dr. Hennington is the model for his hygienist, technicians and support staff. I always feel embraced as if a welcome guest, rather than a patient.
In the end the results count. I am certain that the lack of anxiety as I approach a visit and the quality of care received have contributed greatly to my general state of health and well being.

Thank you very much Dr. Hennington and Staff.

Mark P.
Sun City Texas