Trade Winds Dental Team Spotlight – Alanna

We have a great team here at Trade Winds Dental, and every once in a while, we like to put the spotlight on a team member who has done an exceptional job. This week, we wanted to highlight Alanna Enriquez, our “Front Desk Goddess” and Office Administrator.

Hello, my name is Alanna, and I’m the office administrator for Trade Winds Dental. I’ve been with Dr. Hennington since 2008, and enjoy meeting, greeting and working with our awesome patients. I also love the incredibly supportive and encouraging team we have in place. I came to love the dental field through a major reconstruction of my own jaws and teeth. The result was truly life changing. I learned firsthand what a huge impact a person’s smile can have on his/her overall self-image and confidence. I am very happy to have the opportunity to be a part of helping patients’ experience the difference high quality dentistry can make in their lives.

I am a native of Illinois and currently live in Jarrell, Texas, with my two sons, Spencer and Cooper, and my twin daughters, Tressie and Tegan. We are also blessed to have my mother live with us. In my free time, I enjoy being involved with my church, gardening, spending time with our many animals, horses, dogs, cats, and rabbits, and laying poolside with a good book. I recently constructed and renovated my house in Jarrell and I love to wander through an old hardware store or antique store—it helps me breathe deeper!

A Thank You From A Patient

To Dr. Hennington and his staff:

I am writing this to say thank you for all that you have done for me. Little did I know that about a year ago I would not only look but feel so good about my life now. When I started this journey I knew that I had one agenda and that was to get a set of teeth that I could be proud of. When I faced my family, I did not have to be ashamed. Through the years of deterioration, I must admit that my life as a smoker and many other things had made my smile not too pretty (if you know what I mean).

I know that the Smile Foundation set this up for me but through all of this you and your staff never made me feel like a charity case. You all treated me with much respect and I felt like a king. Your staff was so friendly and they never once failed to greet me and try to make me feel comfortable. Even though all of the staff was great, I would like to give special thanks to Anne, Dr. Hennington’s dental assistant. She was ever so wonderful. She really made me feel like part of the dental family. Leaving the office was also extra special to me. You all will never know how much that rose you gave me each time I left the office meant to me.

Dr. Hennington, there is only one that that I want you to know. In my book and to all I meet from here on out, you are my HERO. I will forever be grateful to you and your staff. I will continue to pray for your success and hope that all that you encounter will feel the same way about you as I do.


James M.

Living Sustainably with Trade Winds Dental

In addition to our previous post on the sustainable practices we follow at Trade Winds Dental, we also wanted to mention that Dr. Hennington and his wife, Xenia, have been recycling, reducing and reusing personally in their homes since the early 90s. They have been using natural cleaning products, gardening organically and eating organically since the late 90s.

They remodeled our home in 2004 using green building techniques before going green became more prevalent in our society’s consciousness. They found such value in conserving the earth’s resources and reducing waste that they decided to reflect that personal endeavor in our office, as well, recycling cardboard and paper materials since the late 90s. As the movement towards going green becomes more widespread, we, too, continue to find ways to incorporate more earth-conscious ideology into our dental practice. In 2006, we replaced our old carpeting with Cool Carpet by InterfaceFLOR™ which mitigates the greenhouse gas emissions associated with the lifecycle of carpet products. The Cool Carpet program has been certified by the Climate Neutral Network that is an independent non-profit organization committed to developing products, services, and enterprises that eliminate their impact on the earth’s climate. As a result of this purchase, 1 ton of certified carbon dioxide credits have been permanently retired. For more information on InterfaceFLOR™, you can go to their website.

More recently, you will also find that all of our paper cups have been replaced with ecotainer® cups, made from renewable sources and commercially compostable. “They meet the ASTM D6400 standard for compostability and are certified by the Biodegradable Products Institute. ecotainer® products are also made from renewable resources including trees sourced from responsibly managed forests as certified to the Sustainable Forestry Initiative standard. Rather than use a petroleum-based liner, ecotainer® products are coated with a plant-based moisture barrier made from Ingeo by NatureWorks. Because of this unique lining, ecotainer® products can be commercially composted with food.” (taken from, or We are committed to making continued changes in our dental office that reflect our respect for this earth, so stay tuned as we continue to evolve into a greener, more earth-friendly environment for all.

Overcoming Dental Fears at Trade Winds Dental – A Patient's Story

The fear of a dentist and the surroundings of a dental office were instilled in me many years ago but that is another story. The end result of that fear left me a “dental coward.” In reading this testimonial you may recognize someone you know that has a dental fear but read on how I gave up the title right here in Dr. Hennington’s office.

When I first met Dr. Hennington I was in an uptight mode, to say the least, but his calm, professional manner put me at ease. He clearly explained my dental problems and the necessary steps needed to correct them. I sensed his self confidence, his concern and with his dental skills I seemed to achieve an “I will be o.k.” attitude – I am in good hands and my fears subsided. I could not believe my calm but I knew I could trust him.

My continued dental visits became something I took in my stride. I began the necessary dental steps with Dr. Hennington. Next, I had some major (or at least for me) dental procedures done. The removal of some teeth and inserted implant posts done by his referral to an excellent oral surgeon. We continued appointments according to plan while every step of the way had to be under the close scrutiny and positive approval of Dr. Hennington for his self-satisfaction. With pride in his work, his care and many meticulous steps taken to regain a healthy mouth and happy smile – and here I am – as my daughter-in-law said, “you have a youthful smile.”
It is a fact, my first walking into this dental office was meant to be for I needed a Dr. Hennington to chase the “dental coward” monkey out of town and that has been accomplished. I could say thank you till the cows come home and it could not express enough how grateful I am to Dr. Hennington. Everyone on his team is pleasant and caring. They contributed a soothing emotional experience for me and to them a thank you and again thank you!

So if you know of a “dental coward” send them right here to Dr. Hennington.


Helen W.

PS – a feather in Dr. Hennington’s hat – my husband had an emergency dental problem early one Sunday morning – Dr. Hennington met him in his office that early Sunday and took care of him. (and he’s not even a dental coward!)